Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

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Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

Postby the wizard » Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:49 pm

... chemtrail report readers will find these articles extremely interesting. the articles discuss the spraying of chemtrails on the british columbia town of powell river by zombie jets on a constant basis ...

... here's a link to the first article: CHEMTRAILS IN POWELL RIVER

... there is a follow-up article at the website and i intend to write at least two more articles which will discuss the total silence of the canadian news media on the subject as well as how chemtrails might tie into an electronic harassment program i am being subjected to...
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Re: Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

Postby MedicoNisaba » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:25 pm

Welcome to the forums. I'm definitely interested in reading more regarding this electronic harassment program you're being subjected to.
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Re: Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

Postby the wizard » Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:50 pm

MedicoNisaba wrote:Welcome to the forums. I'm definitely interested in reading more regarding this electronic harassment program you're being subjected to.

... thank you for your kind greeting, MedicoNisaba ...

... the electronic harassment stuff will be posted on my website at the beginning of next month. i have a theory that the chemtrail spraying might have something to do with aiding electromagnetic transmissions which are used for surveillance and harassment. i'll post a link to the article here when it's up ...

... thanks again for your welcome! :)
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Re: Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

Postby Regg » Tue Oct 22, 2013 6:31 pm

the wizard wrote:
MedicoNisaba wrote:Welcome to the forums. I'm definitely interested in reading more regarding this electronic harassment program you're being subjected to.

... thank you for your kind greeting, MedicoNisaba ...

... the electronic harassment stuff will be posted on my website at the beginning of next month. i have a theory that the chemtrail spraying might have something to do with aiding electromagnetic transmissions which are used for surveillance and harassment. i'll post a link to the article here when it's up ...

... thanks again for your welcome! :)

Definitely sounds like some good reading! Feel free to post the articles in our Open Discussion section.

Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

Postby Brandon » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:51 pm

(Contents of article for archival purposes)


Military drones sighted in Powell River! Yes, the weird aerial activity in Powell River is still
continuing and that activity now includes unmanned drones monitoring the town!

One afternoon this summer I was riding my bike up Joyce Avenue and when I got to Richmond
Street I heard an aircraft above me in the air. I stopped my bike and looked up and saw a smallish
white-colored object that kind of looked like an undersized Learjet flying at a low altitude across the
houses in the neighborhood. The craft had no visible windows and had two small wings protruding
from either side of its front end near its nose. I'd never seen an aircraft like it before. The odd thing
was, the instant I saw it I heard a voice in my head say “A drone!” It was as if I was being
telepathically told what I was seeing up there!

I later checked on the Internet and identified the drone, if that's what it was, as a Rustom-1 UAV
which is manufactured by India for the Indian military.

Huh? What the fuck is a drone from India doing in Powell River? Could it be the BC government
has invited India into the province to conduct military operations here the same way it invited them
here for that lavish Bollywood awards spectacle in Vancouver last April? Anything's possible I

Then in August I was talking to my friend Calvin who told me that, in addition to seeing RCMP
helicopters flying over his south side property, he also sighted a black helicopter drone flying
overhead as well. He was able to identify the drone on the Internet as an MQ-8B Fire Scout or one
like it. This is consistent with information on the web which states that Canada has purchased those
very military drones for domestic law enforcement use.

This unlawful drone activity in Powell River concretely confirms my previous observation that the
government is conducting criminally illegal surveillance operations on the residents here. And the
flying of hardcore weaponry like military drones in residential neighborhoods amounts to serious
crime as well. Considering the high-caliber firepower those things carry, putting one anywhere near
civilians or private property is a major threat to people's safety and is criminally illegal.

Also in August, one morning at about ten o'clock I watched a massive orange-colored military plane
flying at a low altitude down the coast. The plane, which looked like a Royal Canadian Air Force
CC-115 Buffalo, flew over my house and then traveled slowly south down the shoreline. It was
strange enough to see an air-force plane flying in the area, but what made it even stranger was that it
was spewing two trails of black smoke from its engines and was wobbling sideways back and forth
as it lumbered through the air. Then, once the plane got to the Lang Bay area it traveled out over
Malaspina Strait and spun around in a wide circle over the water and then flew to the shore and went
inland. I was relieved it hadn't stopped in front of my house because it would have freaked me out
big time to see an enormous air-force plane turn direction and aim for my residence like that
gargantuan Mars bomber from Port Alberni did in July. However, it was in a residential area down
there at Lang Bay and may not have been a pleasant sight for those who were home that morning.

The plane then reappeared ten or fifteen minutes later, emerging from the same Lang Bay location,
and flew out across the strait and over top of Texada Island towards Vancouver Island and
disappeared, presumably returning to its base there. Vancouver Island strikes again! This is more
evidence that the government is deploying aircraft from Vancouver Island to harass the residents of
Powell River.

And then, of course, there are the ubiquitous zombie jets that are constantly spraying emission trails
into the sky above us.

I wrote previously about how the federal government is involved in the wholesale dumping of waste
into the ocean from barges, including right in front of my house in Malaspina Strait. Well, not only
is the government polluting the ocean, but it appears to be polluting the atmosphere on a daily basis
as well and isn't in the least bit shy about flaunting it. Previously I connected the emission trails
being sprayed into the atmosphere by jets to the July 2013 attack by an air-force bomber at my
home. Now I'm going to take a closer look at the spraying activities I'm seeing going on in the sky
by those ever-present zombie jets up there.

It was this year of 2013 that I really became aware of the scale on which the government is spraying
emissions into the atmosphere in and around the Powell River region. The spraying here may have
been going on like this for many decades, but it was this year that I really woke up and clued in to it.
I started watching the ever-present zombie jets in the sky and began noticing just how pervasive the
spraying activity actually is around here. It's as though they're crop-dusting the entire area. And
once I started noticing the emission trails in the sky I found I couldn't forget about them and ignore
them and I've found myself becoming increasingly obsessed and frustrated by them. As a matter of
fact, most of this article was written while angrily watching zombie jets painting their smoke trails
across the heavens.

The jets I see usually fly south over Powell River and Georgia Strait from origin points north of us.
However, they often go in the other direction as well. Sometimes it's just one jet in the sky at a time,
on other occasions it can be three or four of them up there at once. While they do travel at a
moderately high altitude, they're still low in the sky in comparison to some airliners which are much,
much higher up there. And airliners never emit emission trails.

And one single discharge trail alone from a zombie jet covers a huge area. The jets emit this narrow
emission line behind them which is relatively thin when it's sprayed from the rear of the plane, but
then the trail slowly fans out in the atmosphere over time until it becomes this wide, wispy cloud that
blankets a large region. A few times I've looked up from my porch and seen billowing emission
plumes descending down directly above my home as though my house had been targeted for
spraying. As well, sometimes the discharge trails become darker after they've been emitted and I've
even seen them completely disappear and then reappear on occasion.

Incidentally, I saw a lone cloud in an otherwise cloudless sky over top of Texada Island appear,
disappear and then reappear as if by magic a couple of times this past summer. This was similar to
the strange behavior of a stationary cloud-like UFO I saw one day when I resided in Langley in the
early 2000s.

And as well as widening into full-blown clouds over time, the jet trails look like they're a hundred
miles long. They usually go all the way from the north end of the sky right across the skyline to the
horizon at the south. And once they're emitted, the trails invariably begin drifting in a southward
direction through the atmosphere as they expand. As such, whatever is being sprayed on us, as well
as covering the residents of Powell River and Texada Island, is also covering vast regions south and
east of us too.

It seems odd that the spraying would be done in plain sight like this. The government could easily
designate a remote unpopulated location inland or a location out over the Pacific Ocean for its
spraying operations where nobody would be the wiser. But no, the spraying takes place above
Powell River and over Georgia Strait in full view of the town where all of the buildings and homes
face west directly towards the spraying activity. This shows that there's a harassment component to
the spraying. The government is deliberately trying to aggravate us with its unsightly ruining of the
beautiful clear blue skies the Sunshine Coast is named after.

And of course there's another very obvious reason why the spraying is being done in plain sight.
The reason is because Powell River is the primary target for whatever it is those zombie jets are
spraying up there.

On some sunny days it looks as though the jets are on a deliberate mission to see if they can make
the sun literally disappear behind their emissions as one by one zombie jet after zombie jet flies in
front of the sun and smears its shining perfection with a filthy discharge trail. And yes, when they
try they do succeed in blocking out the sun with their emissions. Sometimes a perfectly cloudless
day will suddenly get dark and cold and the reason is because the sun has been totally obscured by
jet emissions.

Some mornings in the summer multiple zombie jets will fly downward through the sky from the left
and right and all aim towards one specific point on the horizon near the southern end of Vancouver
Island which ultimately results in this big V-shape of emission trails pointing down towards Victoria.
I've also seen them crisscross their emissions in the sky to create giant X-shaped discharge trails as
well. Usually, though, it's just a straight line across the sky starting north and going southward.

On several occasions this past summer the spraying was so bad the entire sky was covered by a
gray haze and the sun itself had this peculiar dark halo with a rainbow-colored rim encircling it.
Someone actually posted photographs on the Internet of this strange halo effect on the sun caused
by jet emissions. On another occasion the spraying canceled out the sunset altogether and instead
there was this weird prism-like glow in the sky where the sun was descending below the horizon
behind emission clouds off in the distance near Campbell River.

Almost every clear day this past summer there was active jet spraying occurring or emission clouds
drifting through the air from spraying that had already taken place. Occasionally the sky north of
Powell River is filled with a thick haze which leads me to believe concentrated spraying occurs north
of us as well. From what I've seen, the spraying only occurs in the daytime, not at night. However,
near the end of summer the spraying got so intense it started first thing in the morning and continued
into the early evening which resulted in lingering emission clouds in the sky after dark. Such activity
is a real blow to people like myself who enjoy watching the stars and planets in the sky at night.

There's no question these spraying operations are profoundly unfair to the residents of Powell River.
The emission trails are horrible to look at, they're the equivalent of somebody deliberately ruining a
masterpiece painting, and, as such, they make it much less desirable to live in the area. For those
who pay taxes to live here, this unnatural distortion of the weather and apparent polluting of the
atmosphere by the authorities amounts to a mean-spirited violation by the Crown of its position as
the government. I also find the spraying particularly vexing in that I hate the dreary winters here in
Powell River and anxiously await the coming of the sun in spring and the wonderful heat it brings
along with it. But unfortunately, once the sun finally appears, I'm then forced to watch these
countless jets trying their damnedest to eliminate it from the sky.

The summer of 2013 started off with rain and it was disheartening as hell to realize that even when
the weather finally cleared up, there would be all those zombie jets flying around trying to blot the
sun out. Such disrespect from the government is incredibly irritating to observe. If the objective of
the spraying is to annoy us then they can stop now because it's mission accomplished.

And yes, in addition to darkening the sky and decreasing the temperature, another effect of the
emissions seems to be the creation of clouds and rain. I've noticed that usually following a major
spraying offensive, within a day or two the sky will cloud over and rain will fall. For instance, this
summer the weather forecasters claimed that July 1, Canada Day, was going to be one of the hottest
days ever. Well, the day before Canada Day the zombie jets were just going crazy spraying their
emissions into the atmosphere and the next day, instead of being super hot, the weather was cloudy
and cool. As well, the disastrous flooding that devastated the province of Alberta in June coincided
with the intensive aerial spraying operations that had been going on in the skies here in British
Columbia. Could it be the government deliberately manipulated the weather to cause destruction
and havoc in Alberta?

In another example, at the end of August, after a heavy two-day jet emissions offensive in Powell
River, the weather kept on getting gradually worse and worse until finally a week or so later my
neighborhood (and apparently other regions of BC) got hit with the most violent lightning storm
ever. At its most vehement moments, the lightning was so fierce it was as though the blinding
explosions of electricity that lit up the night were being caused by someone turning on a light switch
every five seconds. It was positively supernatural. I'd never seen weather like that around here

When I was talking to Bill, the man I met on the beach when that Mars bomber kept landing in the
ocean in front of my house, I brought up the subject of the jets spraying emissions over Powell
River. I wasn't sure how well he'd receive the topic because I've seen a lot of derision from people
about it on the Internet, both on public message boards and on legitimate information sites.
However, to my surprise Bill knew all about “chemtrails,” as the emissions are often called, and he
totally agreed with my belief that the government is involved in the spraying of stuff into the
atmosphere. Bill's feeling was the reason for the spraying is outright modification of the weather by
the government in order to generate rain for dry areas of the U.S. which are in desperate need of
water. This is consistent with my observation that heavy jet emission offensives are usually followed
by periods of rain.

I have a few other theories about what the jet spraying might be all about, some you'll find quite
alarming, and I'll go into them in detail next month. And if anyone reading this has any insight into
what's being sprayed on us, or information about any other weird stuff going on, please e-mail me at
the address below. I'd love to hear from you.
Close the world, txEn eht nepO.
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Re: Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

Postby dslayermo » Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:07 am

"that the chemtrail spraying might have something to do with aiding electromagnetic transmissions which are used for surveillance and harassment."

My theory as well, the HAARP weapon is the ultimate multipurpose weapon.

Anyone else notice that during the really heavy spraying the radio stations are crystal clear and shortwave radio is much more clearer?
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Re: Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

Postby the wizard » Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:21 pm

MedicoNisaba wrote:Welcome to the forums. I'm definitely interested in reading more regarding this electronic harassment program you're being subjected to.

... i've posted the article exposing the invasive electronic harassment program i am being subjected to ...

... here's a link to the article: ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT

... i will be posting another article at the beginning of next month that reveals even more details about the abuse i am experiencing. thanks again for your reply and interest, MedicoNisaba ... :)
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Re: Chemtrail Crisis In Powell River, British Columbia!

Postby Brandon » Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:54 am

(Contents of article for archival purposes)


Zombie jets, zombie cops and hi-tech sci-fi weapons! Continuing my look at the zombie jet
emission program in Powell River, this month I'm going to describe my struggle with invasive
electronic harassment and how the emissions might be linked into it.

Last month I speculated about how zombie jet emissions could be causing people to get sick and
might be causing a recurring inflammation ailment I suffer from. Well, further confirming my theory,
I discovered that my uncle who lives in Black Creek near Campbell River has recently begun
suffering from a serious inflammation disease known as polymyalgia rheumatica. Could the
emissions from zombie jets flying up and down the Strait of Georgia be responsible for his illness?
I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

I also overheard someone mentioning that livestock in Powell River were inexplicably dropping dead
lately. This would suggest that the mysterious death waves I mentioned last month aren't limited to
people and might be occurring in animals too.

And night spraying by zombie jets around Powell River has been confirmed. While I'd seen the odd
residual emission trail in the sky at night I hadn't witnessed the actual spraying of the trails by the jets
themselves. But that's now changed. Two and a half weeks ago at ten o'clock at night I saw several
trails in the night sky and I actually witnessed a zombie jet emitting a discharge trail as it flew south
over Georgia Strait. The jets are now using the cover of night to spray their emissions into the

I can't help but wonder if the bizarre fog storm we had in October had something to do with material
discharged into the atmosphere by zombie jets. It would be interesting to hear what a scientific
analysis of the fog particles from that freak event revealed. Was it actually natural fog or was it
something else?

Also, I checked out the airport one afternoon when there was a fair bit of spraying activity going on
to see if there were any signs that the jets were taking off from there. However, there was no
indication that any of the zombie jet action I was seeing was originating from Powell River.

As I've said before, since neither the government nor its public interface, the news media, are saying
anything about the emission trails being discharged by zombie jets, we're left with no choice but to
speculate about what those trails in the sky are all about.

But while the mainstream media isn't saying anything about them, emission trails have been
discussed in alternative media for years. They are referred to alternately as either “contrails,” water
condensation emissions, or “chemtrails,” emissions of chemicals into the atmosphere. The most
common explanation given in the alternative press is that the jets are spraying aluminum particles into
the atmosphere. It's conjectured that they're spraying aluminum into the air to manipulate the
weather. Perhaps the government's been taken in by the global warming hype and is undertaking
counteractive measures it believes are necessary to combat it. But what could be more toxic for the
body than breathing aluminum into your lungs twenty-four hours a day?

My feeling is that, if it is aluminum being sprayed into the atmosphere, it's being used as a conductor
to charge the air with electricity and transmit electromagnetic signals through the air which are aimed
at the human population. We can already receive the transmissions being sent through the air, but
with aluminum inside our bodies we're better receivers. As such, the government is forcing us to
breathe in aluminum particles so the aluminum gets absorbed into our bodies. The more aluminum
we breathe in, the better receivers we are. Presumably the electromagnetic signals are sent through
the airwaves the same way television, radio, cell phone and Internet signals are, from radio towers
and satellites. These types of signals are supposedly regulated by a federal government authority
called the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission, a.k.a. the CRTC.

Unfortunately, though, the signals we're being hit with aren't being used to help us with anything but
are instead being used as weapons to monitor us and abuse us with electronic harassment. And with
all those aluminum particles inside us, when they charge the air with electricity -- our brains and
bodies get charged too!

Another thing my friend Jeff mentioned to me the time we met on our bikes that I mentioned last
month was that he'd started having these unusually intense nightmares since he'd moved to Powell
River. Not to sound callous, but I have to admit I was overjoyed to hear it. Why was I overjoyed?
Because it affirmed what I've been dealing with too. I often have horrendous nightmares of my own
which are just so damn abnormal I simply can't believe they originated from my own mind.
However, I've been having these nightmares for years, even before I moved to Powell River. I read
in a biography of Philip K. Dick (the famous American sci-fi writer) that he experienced something
similar. He believed his dreams were transmissions being sent to him by the Soviets.

And in addition to nightmares, I see visions in my head all the time. But the thing is, I see them
when I'm awake, not when I'm asleep! When I lie in bed and close my eyes I can usually see these
weird, profoundly panoramic scenes, sometimes pornographic (!), unfolding in my mind's eye. I've
found that the visions are clearest around six o'clock in the morning.

These awake dreams I have are further proof that the nightmares Jeff and I, and probably others,
experience aren't nightmares at all but are broadcasts being transmitted to us from somewhere. My
feeling is my nightmares are part of some kind of electronic harassment program which uses Wi-Fi-
like signals to get at me. These transmissions can turn you on or turn you off like a light bulb. They
can jack you up like a hummingbird on Red Bull or make you feel like you've downed a dozen
sleeping pills. Unfortunately, they can be used as a weapon to hurt you too.

Before I go any farther with this, let me start with a clear-cut, unambiguous example of how the
government is using sci-fi technology to bully people in Powell River. This example was displayed
to me not in some private, isolated location but out in public in broad daylight on a busy street.
Here's what I saw.

I was riding my bike down Joyce Avenue one day this past summer when suddenly a cop car came
flying down the street like a bat out of hell in the other direction with its lights flashing. He may have
had his siren on too, I don't remember. The zombie cop then came up behind this one vehicle and
the driver, who was an elderly gentleman, panicked and didn't know what to do and hit the brakes
and stopped his car right there on the street, inadvertently blocking the cop car behind him. I guess
he figured the zombie pig in the car wanted him to stop right away so that's exactly what he did.

The next thing that happened was the zombie pig pushed a button in his car and his vehicle began
emitting this bizarre whooping noise that was so damn loud and disturbing it could only be
described as a weapon. It sounded horrible.

When I heard all the commotion I was thinking, jeez, the old guy's gonna have a heart attack in his
car! It was as though he was being tasered with a sound blast. In fact, the noise was so fucking
loud it was rocking the whole neighborhood. Maybe he was being electrically jolted too, I don't
know. Of course, as soon as the cop turned on his noise weapon the old man quickly snapped
awake and pulled over and got out of the way. The zombie cop could've easily honked his horn or
driven around the old man's car but he didn't. Instead he chose to blast his brains out with an
eardrum-rupturing agitation device. What a fucking thug!

My point is, the government is arming itself with secret sci-fi weapons, like the noise weapon the
zombie cop used on the old man, and won't hesitate to use those weapons on innocent people for
no real reason at all. And that includes using electromagnetic weaponry to harass people in their
homes and elsewhere. Governments are just too eager to indulge in all this sci-fi shit. The problem
is, in this age of Star Wars technology, tech companies are manufacturing the most innovative Big
Brother weapons ever and gangster governments are hungry as hell to purchase and use them
whether they cross legal boundaries or not. And the truth of the matter is, I know for a fact I'm
being targeted with electronic harassment because I feel the effects of abuse from sci-fi technology
every day.

Let me preface what I'm about to say by stating that I've held all this information inside my head for
almost fifteen years and have never disclosed it to anyone before. This is the first time I've ever
discussed it. But I'm just so sick and tired of the harassment I've decided to talk about it in the
hopes that by doing so it might go away as often happens when I bring issues out into the open.
I've alluded to it in my online fiction but I've never openly divulged it. The reason is because what's
been happening is just so hard to believe I haven't been comfortable talking about it. You'll see what
I mean when you read what I'm about to reveal.

Okay, let's begin with the voices. I'm being constantly hit with voice transmissions that I hear in my
mind twenty-four hours a day, every day, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year. From the
moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I fall asleep: voices voices voices. I even hear
them in my dreams from time to time. It's primarily a woman's voice, but sometimes I hear male
voices too. And boy, a very serious effort is being made to penetrate my mind with messages and
comments. It feels like they're using a jackhammer to get into my brain sometimes. Part of the
harassment involves relentlessly repeating specific words and phrases into my head on a continuous
basis. Man, it can be so gruelingly frustrating at times.

And in addition to voices, the transmissions cause painful headaches by irritating the nerves in the
top right side of my brain. When this happens it feels as though my brain is going to crack my skull
open. And when you combine the headaches with the voices, it's like getting stoned from above,
except with words instead of rocks. And the headaches are intensified when I turn on the television
or radio.

Another annoying thing about the TV and radio is that after I turn them off the volume of the voices
in my head and the intensity of the headaches seems to increase for a while before fading out. I
think radio and television signals are used to convey and amplify the transmissions. More about
television later on.

The sci-fi mind games being played really are unbelievable. For example, it often feels as though I'm
being beamed with thought-restriction rays. What I mean by that is, when I think of a certain subject
I'll suddenly get a heavy, burning sensation in my brain. This always happens when I write
complaints to the government. The pain in my head when this occurs makes the delicate task of
composing a letter an incredibly cumbersome chore. In fact, it can get so painful that I just have to
lower my head and close my eyes and wait for the pain to pass.

Another strange thing that happens is that the images of people I've met over the course of a day will
flash in my mind when I get home after I've been out. Computer pictures and the images of
television personalities I've watched on TV also flash into my head.

And, unfortunately, there's a serious surveillance component to the electronic harassment I'm
experiencing as well. I know that, as well as being verbally bullied, I'm being snooped on too.
Here's an example of just how bad the surveillance is. Sometimes I'll hear a voice in my mind
badgering me about having received an e-mail and then when I go and check my e-mail inbox -- voila
-- there'll be a brand new message from someone waiting for me. In other words, I'm actually being
telepathically informed that my electronic communications are being monitored and that I don't have
any personal privacy.

A big part of the electronic harassment seems to be tied into my Internet communications. Say the
wrong thing to the wrong person and pay the consequences in the form of a sci-fi attack from
above. I have one friend on Facebook who I've found that if I even so much as leave a simple
innocent comment on this person's timeline I face the drastic repercussion of days of mental torture.
And like I say, when I'm online I don't even have to check my e-mail inbox, I can sense the instant a
message arrives.

And it's not just my e-mail inbox that's being looked into, my brain is being pried open and checked
out as well. Nothing is private for me, not even what's going on in my head. Yes that's right, they're
reading the thoughts in my mind. It's as though I've had a chip implanted in my head that sends and
receives thought messages.

I know my thoughts are being monitored because, as well as hearing my thoughts being repeated
back to me in different ways, I hear voices in my brain reacting to what I'm thinking with responses
of their own. It's so bad that pretty well every thought I have is responded to. It's as though
someone's been hired to sit around and listen to me and react to what I'm thinking 24/7. Sometimes
it's so fucking aggravating it's not funny! I get advice on everything that I consider and think,
whether I want it or not. When I'm worried about something I'll listen to the advice I hear and I will
admit that on many occasions it is helpful. But the problem is, whoever's monitoring me is feeding
off my thoughts like a vampire, thus the two-way interaction amounts to a round-the-clock direct line
interrogation that never ends.

Of course, some people don't give a shit about privacy. As a matter of fact, I think there are a lot of
people who'd get off on being under surveillance because they'd enjoy the attention. I place a high
value on my privacy though, and I was heartbroken when I came to the realization that my head was
an open book for whoever it was that was monitoring me. In fact, I hated it so much I considered it
nothing less than a rape of my mind. It was like my very soul had been violated. I've learned that
getting fucked up the ass isn't the only way to sodomize someone.

Another aspect of this type of abuse is that I'm not allowed to experience certain emotions, such as
sadness. It's as though thinking unhappy thoughts isn't allowed by whoever's monitoring me. If I
experience negative emotions I get badgered about them. One emotion I'd love to experience again
is simple loneliness. Although I'm alone most of the time, I haven't felt genuinely lonely for many
years. The thing is, when you feel the emotion of deep loneliness you know you're truly solitary.
But it's impossible to experience true loneliness when you have voices pestering you every second
of the day. Oh how I'd love to remember what it's like to be utterly alone again.

Then there's the sexual abuse I've been subjected to. Yes sexual. The sexual abuse involves being
molested by remote control in bed at night by someone using this sci-fi weaponry. But I'm going to
leave it at that for now and I'll go into the sexual molestation next month.

As well, I'd intended to talk about the complete silence of the Canadian news media on the subject
of zombie jet emissions in this article, but I'm going to save that for next time too along with further
details of the electronic harassment I'm experiencing. Talk to you then.
Close the world, txEn eht nepO.
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