Automotive Black Box Mandatory by September 1, 2014

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Automotive Black Box Mandatory by September 1, 2014

Postby Brandon » Sun Jan 05, 2014 8:32 pm

Automotive Black Box Mandatory by September 1, 2014

By George Kennedy

You’ve probably heard about the forthcoming automotive black boxes. These “automotive data recorders” are able to let government and insurance personnel determine the conditions leading up to an accident. Whether you like this idea or not, pretty soon, it’s going to be mandatory in all cars. As of September 1, 2014, 100 percent of new cars and trucks will be required to be equipped with this feature.

Now, before you write your local congressman, it should be noted that 96 percent of new cars have this feature. It is more of a pleasantry for most car companies, and the new regulation would effect the four percent that do not yet have an automotive data recorder.

Sure, this automotive black box thing may seem like a case of Big Brother getting all up in your business, but remember; you can always buy an older car. Event data recorders have been in use since the 1970s, but mostly in the trucking industry. Through the years, more and more consumer automakers jumped on board, and while you might be skeptical, it will help get to the bottom of what caused an accident.

Our thought is, if this gets rid of the “he said-she said” aspect of accidents. Time and resources wasted by insurance companies will go down, and potentially insurance rates will go down…actually, that won’t happen. Oh well, get ready for Big Brother, or make peace with buying an older car.



I wonder what will be next, water rationing, a 6 ounce glass instead of an 8 ounce?
The government is already telling us what fuel to use, what healthcare we can have, what light bulbs we can use, what we can eat and how much, what to say, what toilets we can use, what windows we can have etc.
All of this comes at a price and the price is bigger government which equates to higher taxes which are needed to support the gestapo like minions who enforce these rules.
I can only hope that Rand Paul or someone with his mind set can get into office in 2016 so this totalitarian regime can be at least slowed down.
We use to be a free nation and that is what made us great and we are now being turned into a bunch of subjects again.
I can now see what the cause of the Revolutionary War was.

The issue isn't data recorders for accident analysis. The issue is a data link that can be directly accessed at any time. Such as enabling a microphone in the passenger compartment. The GM "OnStar" already has such features, and can even take control of your car from you.

Forget speed traps. Why waste money on officer salaries. Just uplink the current trace on every vehicle in on the road and send a ticket ( via email ) every time they go x% above a specific limit; or if they change lanes without using the blinker; or if they get too close to a car around them as detected by the sonic sensors; or ... the list is endless.

Yes folks, big brother is after you. Automobiles are an easy target because they are not covered by the US constitution. But, your home is surely next after the workplace.

Remember that you voted in big government. You are getting what you asked for. Nothing else.

Pointless here in Phoenix, Arizona. First you are required to make a positive ID of the other driver so in a hit and run the police only investigate for cases of serious injury or death. Even if they do stop, one in three motorists here are uninsured and another one in three has State minimum which is pitiful and would barely pay the cost of an ambulance; far less your car or medical bills. So really, as I said, what's the point?

"Our thought is, if this gets rid of the “he said-she said” aspect of accidents. Time and resources wasted by insurance companies will go down, and potentially insurance rates will go down…actually, that won’t happen."

Of course not. Eventually the data in your "black box:" will be downloaded when you take your car in for its annual safety inspection. This data includes such details as the maximum speed you have driven for the past year and how often, among other incriminating data that will be made available to your insurance company who will then either increase your premium or cancel your insurance entirely. Of course, disabling or removing the "black box" will not only be a federal offence but will automatically void your insurance even if you are in an accident that is not your fault.

Yup, I can see it now; you get a statement in the mail each year at tax time with all the miles you drove for the preceding year...and let's see, the gubermint needs x trillion$ for all the foreign aid, foreign wars, corporate welfare, etc divided by the total miles driven by all Americans = $2.75 per mile this up or we shut down your car(s). Have a nice day!

Can't happen here? Wake the F up.

I figure this will really lower insurance rates, after all this is for our protection. Remember when they told us if we use our seatbelts it would lower our insurance rates and then they decided it would work better if they gave us tickets for not using them. My insurance rate still hasn't gone down, how about yours?

How is it they can track me if I have an accident, or speed, or spit out the window, but they can't catch a bank robber, rapist, kidnapper, gang shooter, etc. Why are they catching only the innocent crimes, but can't find the real lawbreakers???

It's just another way to track everybody out there. It is well known this is done with cell phones. Now you know why the gov't gives phones away. Now you know why the gov't was all gung ho on everybody having a digital TV. Digital info can be controlled, analog cannot. We are being methodically corralled like cattle. Pretty soon you won't be able to take a poo without big brother knowing about it.
Close the world, txEn eht nepO.
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