Police arrest 8 House members at immigration rally

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Police arrest 8 House members at immigration rally

Postby Brandon » Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:37 am


Police arrest 8 House members at immigration rally

LUIS ALONSO LUGO 15 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — At least eight Democratic members of the House were among about 200 people arrested Tuesday after they blocked a main street near the Capitol during a massive rally seeking to push Republicans to hold a vote on a stalled immigration reform bill.

Police would not identify those arrested. Representatives of the social policy organization Center for Community Change and The Associated Press witnessed the arrests of Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga.; Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill.; Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz.; Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; Joseph Crowley and Charles Rangel, both D-N.Y.; Al Green, D-Texas; and Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill.,

Representatives of other groups whose members attended the rally, such as United Farm Workers and Farmworker Justice, confirmed that several of their members were arrested as well.

Those arrested will be charged with "crowding, obstructing and incommoding" under the local laws of the District of Columbia, the Capitol Police said. The arrests began about 4 p.m. EDT and had ended two hours later, police said in a statement.

Before being arrested, Gutiérrez said he planned the act of civil disobedience "so the speaker of the House can free Congress and finally pass immigration reform."

The rally took place after the six-time Grammy winners Los Tigres del Norte performed at the National Mall during a show in which the Mexican band dedicated each song to the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally.

Prospects for passage of a comprehensive immigration bill appear dim. A bill passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate and backed by the White House includes billions of dollars for border security as well as a 13-year path to citizenship for those already in the U.S. illegally.

It's unclear whether the GOP-dominated House will ever pass legislation that could form the basis for a final deal with the Senate. Most House Republicans have rejected this comprehensive approach, and the House Judiciary Committee has moved forward with individual, single-issue immigration bills that could come to the floor sometime later this year or next.

Citing the demonstration, the White House issued a statement calling for the House to take up the immigration bill.

"The enthusiastic demonstration of support for immigration reform this week has proven to Congress that the broad coalition behind commonsense solutions to our nation's broken immigration laws is as strong as it has ever been," according to the statement from press secretary Jay Carney. "It's time for the House of Representatives to reopen the government, pay their bills and get back to the important work of moving the economy forward."


Welcome to the UNITED STATES OF MEXICO, where elected officials spit on citizens and stand with criminals to the bitter end...



Section 274 felony under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act INA 274A(a)(1)(A). Encouraging & Harboring Illegal Aliens: It is a violation of law for any person to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection in any place, including any building or means of transportation, any alien who is in the United States in violation of law. Harboring means any conduct that tends to substantially facilitate an alien to remain in the U.S. illegally. Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.
• Shall be imprisoned not more than 5 years
• Or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)
• Or both, together with the costs of prosecution

To bad that that is not enforced in this country. The laws are already there for immigration reform but the federal government refuses to enforce them.

Illlegal emigrants are illlegal, agianst the law, wrong not right. . They broke the law to get here, they broke the law to work here, they broke the law to stay here. Those Congressmen are aiding and abetting crimanals. They should be impeached and spend time in jail and never aloud to serve in public service agian. Thats to drastic? well that is what it is going to take if America is to survive. Something so drastic as to obey our laws.

Are you kidding me?! Why do these people feel they need to pander to illegals?! Why don't you think about your citizens first... you know... the one's that pay your income! We have millions living on the streets, millions of young adults who are struggling to pay off their tuitions and obamacare which is going to take more out of the pockets of the working class. The last thing we need is to allow 11+ million illegals rights in our country. The only rights they deserve is the right to be sent back to whatever country they're from!

As a Latino man that was born here in the U.S. and my parents coming to this country legally I will never support any laws giving rights to people that have entered this country illegally. My friends from Cuba, many parts of South America, Spain, England have all waited to come here with work visas, regular visas, and student visas. My friend Carlos waited 17 years to become a citizen and he did it legally. He is from Columbia. Given these illegal entries licenses and citizenship is a slap in the face to all of those who waited years to come to this country and years to become citizens. If we give these people rights to be here illegally than why should anyone wait in line, Why should anyone else follow the laws, why not everyone come here illegally and enter the country and pick our street for rights...???? This is absolutely horrible!

Commonsense solutions would be to enforce the law that if you are here illegally, you get deported. I'm all for people trying to make a better life for themselves but the reality is that the United States cannot afford this. Really, we're going to take in 11+ million people who are mostly living in poverty and give them all citizenship benefits? Who is going to pay for that? The answer is the middle class. That is who always ends up paying for everything but qualifies for no help for themselves.

Democrats are always saying that ACA is the law of the land. It is a law that you need documentation to enter this country if you aren't a citizen. Why is it democrats like to pick and choose which laws they want to uphold. Will the democrats rally if people refuse to pay the penalty when they don't get health insurance which is mandated in ACA?
Why didn't the Capitol Police shoot Charles Rangel like they did the woman in the car. He is more of a threat and has a mental illness.

We don't need reform, what we need is the current laws inforced. I used to work with a young man who's family came here legally. He worked full time and was going to school to be a bilingual teacher. I worked with him for 8 years and he is a legal citizen teaching young children, trying to make a difference in their lives. He and I spoke about this "immigration reform" and he feels it is a slap in the face to honest people that have worked very hard for their citizenship.

Pandering 101.
I was born in the US so I cannot speak much to the citizenship process (though my wife is a legal immigrant from Thailand) but I know this - you don't have a right to be an American. The entire world is not entitled to the rights we as Americans have or to our social services just as we are not entitled to the rights or social services of the French. This is about absolutely nothing except pandering to try and take another segment of the vote based on ethnicity, our laws be damned.

Veterans cannot access public areas in Washington, but those who are not citizens can and we don't even know who they are as the government would not allow documentation. Lets bring all our military home and send the elected officials who support breaking our laws and those here illegally to Afganstan pronto. Then our military stands tall at the Mexico border and it will work for the protection of US citizens as they don't need the "votes". Yes, it seems the government supports identity thieves, drug runners, driving our highways without license, the large population of illegal prisoners who are mostly violent and drug related crimes? But they want Sherriff Joe to wear a video camera all day every day because they have a fear of the possibility of racial profiling....something like Hello, I just stopped you for no reason. Goodby?

So, Dems havn't passed a budget in over 4 years to get our National debt down (currently they hope to raise the debt ceiling) and Senate Dems won't even look at a House bill to pay our military...yet, instead of being at the House to work on paying for American Civilians.... they are out fighting for immigration amnesty in a building that was supposed to be closed due to funding!!! Am I missing something? We can't keep from spending too much, want to spend more and get mad when the people try to take away the platinum card. Wow, I wish I could run my home and business like this!!!

Can anyone explain how we allow an immigration rally at the national mall that is supposed to be closed due to a gov't shutdown, but at the same time we stop WW2 vets from visiting their privately funded memorial? More Obama games being played. When are the people that support this guy going to open their eyes to what he is doing on a daily basis. His golf course is still open while the stop paying death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers. Please wake up.

Are you kidding me?! Why do these people feel they need to pander to illegals?! Why don't you think about your citizens first... you know... the one's that pay your income! We have millions living on the streets, millions of young adults who are struggling to pay off their tuitions and obamacare which is going to take more out of the pockets of the working class. The last thing we need is to allow 11+ million illegals rights in our country. The only rights they deserve is the right to be sent back to whatever country they're from!

So will these Congress people loose their jobs? Usually in government, if you get arrested for something like this, you loose your job, your fired!! With no benefits, no pension, nothing. If our President is really working for the people, he will fire these people from their Congress jobs, with none of their benefits or pension. My husband works for the government and if he were ever arrested for anything, he would loose his job and receive nothing from his pension or benefits. Why is it one rule for our special government workers and another for all the regular government workers? They should all be fired, lets take back our rules, laws and rightful governing in our country.

I wish any of the network news organizations other than fox had the guts to show the video of this rally
on the mall which was opened up by the government for this rally. And then point out that U.S.
citizens are barred from the mall at this moment. I think the blocking of the street and the
arrests are a cover for the obvius slap in the face to all citizens of this country. I am not
writing this from a political perspective. The law abiding citizens of this country are being $#%@!*
publicaly during the daylight for all to see. Usually this administration has the decency to at
least quietly and secretly seduce the people before they @#(*&^ them.

Remember this people. Every member of the Congressional Black Caucus is a member of the American Socialist Party a subdivision of the American Communist Party. These men and women are all, Traitors to Our Constitution and in an honest Lawful Society, would be arrested for this treason. Communism is a direct antithesis top out Constitution, and Our Republic. Socialism and Communism are just as terrifying to freedom and liberty as are #$%$. These Congressional members are working to directly overthrow the Constitution. They should not be allowed to return to Freedom. Put them in Guantanamo.

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

We need to cut all benefits paid to immigrants in the form of welfare, food stamps and medical. then you'll see how quickly they return home. Take the money and pay our vets and quit supportying aleins. Also stop sending money to countries who hate us. Next Impeach Obama and put a stop to all of his wasting money and all of his and familys trips to other countries. No one wants to see him show up in their country. He should have figured that outwhen no one would even meet eith him in Kenya where he was born.

My immigration reform bill: Bring all our military people home, build military bases along the borders, don't let anyone cross the border without a passport. I'd have to have one if I visited Mexico, for instance, and wanted to come back home through a border checkpoint. So, when the illegals go back home to visit their families, they couldn't just slip back across the border. Well, it would be tougher. Cost efficient, you bet. It would slow the flow of illegal drugs, too. And do what the military is supposed to do, protect this country!

Nice job idiots! These guys will do anything to get a vote. What's the matter are their not enough dead people left in your districts to help you get re-elected? Let's deal with the problems at hand. We are bankrupt, so why are we pandering to the illegals and other non-productive anti-americans who want to continually suck the blood of our liberty out of our treasury just to get more votes? There are enough patriots left who are wise to your antics and will skip over your names at the polls next election.

these crooked politicians are only looking out for the vote. they dont care about these people they broke our laws. the tell the americans that people wont do these jobs that illegals do. sure they just wont do it for chump pay. have these parasites ever heard of legal immigration? but why do it the legal way when they reward law breakers? cant speak a lick of english but they sure know where to get food stamps health care and everyother program they never put a cent into but they take take take.we dont need more of these people we have our own citizens like vets that need our help. i rather be helping them out then someone who broke our laws. its all about votes plain and simple. try sneaking into mexico and see what happens.

Please please please people of those states do not vote them back into office. We have American citizens that are furloughed due to these people not talking and they are out at a rally for illegal immigrants. You know their true colors now and they are not red white and blue they bleed green. Again please next time you have an urge to vote for them just write you name down for a write in vote. You can do better.

Why is Charlie Rangel smiling? Ill tell you why. Its because when congress members get arrested there already told nothing will happen to them. They take the handcuffs off when the cameras go off. And how is it that Obama put a fence up around the WW2 memorial to keep 90 yr old vets out but open it up to thousands of illegals waving Mexican flags and raisin cain about there rights? The democrats don't care about the rest of us. They want these illegals to vote because in the last election the democrats saw that 70% of the Hispanics voted democrat. We don't need these people here. There only gonna get on welfare and foodstamps and not learn English and they'll keep the democrats in power forever!

So the democrats will stand with illegals and get arrested, but will, in the words of a National Parks Ranger, 'Do what you can to make this shutdown hurt", threaten payments to our veterans, spend the time and money to wire shut National Monuments, withhold needed cancer treatments, not investigate accidents, etc...Of ALL the things to shutter and ALL the things to be doing during this time, they stand with illegal aliens who break the law daily. Yep, those are your elected officials hard at work.

pelosi while giving her speach told the crowd that they had to thank obama for allowing this to happen.This goes to show that obama and the democrats pick what is shut down and what is left open,who gets in and who doesn't.Our veterans are locked out of the veterans memorial while illegal a aliens are allowed to demonstrate at sites that are supposed to be shut down and pelosi tells them to thank obama for it,but pelosi didn't go right down the road to speak to the veterans.

They were arrested for the wrong reason. They should have been arrested for dereliction of duty in office. They are supporting criminals, which is making them criminals also. They refuse to uphold the Constitution of the United States which specifically forbids anyone from entering the United States illegally. They, mostly Democrats, are thumbing their nose at the working people while continuing to uphold the illegals. They could care less what they are doing to the country, but care a whole lot about the votes they are buying with taxpayer money. If things don't change very quickly, this will be a moot point, as the U.S. is headed for a complete breakdown and Obama and George Soros will have accomplished their goal. What a sad time we are living in.

arrest aside. Why would the administration open up the area for illegals and yet not allow veterans to exercise their hard won rights? Also how much did it cost to have all the police arrest these 200 people and process them if there is no money? The people in this administration are the worst POS I have ever seen. It's readily apparent that this administration wants to hurt certain classes of people to gain political points. But if you are a democratic supporter you get free admission to everyplace closed to the normal people.

In China they build the Great Wall, with horses and wagons, we can't build the same with our technology? This would create jobs, this would stop or slow the drug traffic. Then we close are doors to everyone like Japan did, and take care of are self's! Those that meet the standards of being a American Citizen are granted, those that have criminal past are dropped off in their country, and we say good bye to them.

I'm just shocked at this...

"The rally took place after the six-time Grammy winners Los Tigres del Norte performed at the National Mall during a show in which the Mexican band dedicated each song to the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally."

Being that Obama had closed the National Mall because of the shutdown, how is it possible to hold a concert there?? Oh, right, Obama's friends can do whatever they like, he just screws anyone and everyone who disagrees with him.

Congress won't go to jail for the American people but do so for illegal criminals? They knew they were breaking the law when they came without permission. Then the President shuts down the people's property, paying enforcement to see that they are kept out of their property, and then orders the park service to open it for illegal criminals? Our Congress is becoming the criminals as well because they allow this punishment to go unchecked. The Senate is in collusion with the unlawful President. House should not give them one thing they ask for at this point.

The country has serious issues to resolve and the White House and Dem's allow the parks to be open and available for illegal's, attend event with illegal's but yet tell "Legal American Citizens and Vet's" sorry we close the parks to you that pay taxes and served our nation. This is nothing but a game to the Dem's and a goal of all of them to destroy this nation. They know if they allow illegal's to automatically become legal citizens they will always get their votes and take over this country and ruin it forever.

I'm sorry but if you are here Illegally you are breaking the law plain and simple. But Obama's administration caters to these people and the get food stamps and wic and medicaid. The American tax payer gets to pay for all this stuff and when you may need it, you get racked over the coals and ask point blank why you can't work. Plus the majority are not here trying to find work, many are gang bangers and up to know good. I do feel for then ones who want a better life for themselves and their kids but do it the legal way. If I have to go to Mexico I must abide by their immigration rules.

That's the problem, they are NOT moving our economy forward. 11 million illegals in our country, but we can't even pay our veterans their next check. It's all blackmail. If you don't do what we say, we are going to quit paying the real heroes, our veterans their modest "slap in the face" checks. Now you know why the government offices all started buying up ammunition and MRE meals. They know what's coming when the American people (not illegal Mexicans), have had enough, it will be a revolution in our own country. God please help the innocent.

it sure shows which that these guys are more interested what illegal aliens want than what americans need and want..they should ship them back to mexico with all the others. I will give them credit though. I wish my republicans would do that for what we want. but if they did that the dems would be all over it and somehow call it racism (what a crock).I agree with sherry about the military. get some navy seals all along the border and watch run back to mexico!!!

not everyone is enthused about allowing a million or more mexicans who broke the law to become more aid recipients that we workers pay for. They have not earned citizenship like the millions that wait their turn and do all the things necessary to become loyal americans.Freedom is earned and we have too many with a hand out for free stuff. I am not against immigration by people from other countries. I have mexican descendants that came here legally as inlaws.And also pakistani peoples that became citizens legally and married my aunt. So I am not anti anyone, just prefer that they do it by the laws.

Here it is in a hand basket. Mexico has some the best schools in the world-free to their citizens, Mexico does have health care system-based on what you can pay! What Mexico does NOT have is a welfare system-no food stamps,no free tax dollars,no free housing,etc... And thats why you have 22 million illegals in this country-granted not all are mexican but the majority by a long shot is that most come here from down south of the border! And "me & cheese stick or whatever-whens the last time you stood in a store and seen lines of illegals sending money home thru western union-every day!-and it's not so their poor families can survive or try to make a living down there-its so they can use that money to sneak across the border like cockroaches!!!

Can anyone tell me what other group of criminals are allow to roam free in plan sight?

I thought we were in the midst of a gov shutdown! Fox is running video that shows vets outside looking in while Pelosi and friends rub elbows with thousands of illegal aliens on the Washington Mall. Why should we enact new laws when the existing laws are not enforced by the folks that are tasked with running the country. I believe that we must protect the borders under existing law or let it collapse with the rest of our government and start over!

How about those that want illegal aliens in this country draft the "The Bill of Illegal Alien Rights". Give them all their own land (connected together in 1 location), their own government, fund their healthcare, pay their utilities and rent, give them cell phones with unlimited usage, and cash for illegal narcotics. Everyone that votes for this will move into the land given to them by the United States, and get none of these benefits. Every dollar spent on the illegals will come from every yes voter for Illegal Rights. If they run out of funds, that country has the right to confiscate the worker's pay to get more funding. Let's call this new Country, Lost California.

Illegal has a meaning and no governmental rights. They have the right to be arrested, deported, fingerprinted, and the right to leave.

Does any politician know what the word illegal means? In Ca. Brown just signed in to law that illegals can get drivers licenses saying this will make the roads saver. They are not going to get a license and pay to get tags and insurance or smog their cars. Why would they it costs money, and that would be less money for beer, they need when standing around in parking lots talking about cars. I know this is true as I live in a county that is 80% illegal.
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Re: Police arrest 8 House members at immigration rally

Postby dslayermo » Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:58 pm

Funny how you never see these massive US protests on US tv or newspapers.
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Re: Police arrest 8 House members at immigration rally

Postby Brandon » Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:44 pm

dslayermo wrote:Funny how you never see these massive US protests on US tv or newspapers.

I know right!!
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