Cops respond to woman's 911 call.. shooting her in the chest

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Cops respond to woman's 911 call.. shooting her in the chest

Postby Brandon » Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:27 pm


Calif. Police Respond to Woman’s 911 Call…And Then Shoot Her

Aug. 21, 2012 10:49am Erica Ritz

San Diego police are under close scrutiny after accidentally shooting a homeowner who called 911 after allegedly seeing a man in a ski mask prowling the neighborhood.

While searching for the man, police entered the backyard of the woman’s home, San Diego County sheriff’s homicide Lt. Larry Nesbit explained. There, they made contact with the homeowner and, horrifyingly, shot her.

While police say Jennifer Orey was struck in the arm, her family maintains otherwise.

“You know what, you guys need to get your story straight,” Dennis Morgan, the woman’s father, admonished. “She wasn’t shot in the arm she was shot in the chest.”

Her sister-in-law added: “Part of a bullet ricocheted off and hit her in the pinky, and they also had to do a little bit of repair to her pinky as well.”

Orey successfully underwent surgery Monday, and is expected to be okay.


So they show up, she greets them and they shoot her in the chest and then lie about it to the family and media. Some other story mentioned that she fought with the idiot cops who gave her incorrect medical treatment telling her to lie on her back or something, and being that she was a Vet from the Navy and was familiar with gunshot wound treatment, she knew what to do to save her own life. Thus further complicating things by 'NOT COMPLYING'. :roll:
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