Chicken McNuggets 'strange fibers' (Morgellon's?)

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Re: Chicken McNuggets 'strange fibers' (Morgellon's?)

Postby dslayermo » Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:10 am

The winged globe emblem is more than common amongst nearly all large militaries... they are wearing the same "brand". Look at their uniforms as well.

These large scale wars are really nothing more than scripted battles between these shadow governments. Pitting their equally equipped and trained dogs against each other for fun, profit and pleasure.

Then, when sufficient numbers of proles, citizens, etc. have been slaughtered to make way for an oil mans child they usually slaughter the officers en mass.

Think its BS? Just research all the WW1 and WW2 mass graves of officers.

And yes, the symbolism is EVERYWHERE... look at what was laying on my desk...

I had an account with Edward Jones, on their correspondence letter heads the ratings group is called ... fault.aspx

Look at their logo... a pyramid... count the number of bars on the pyramid... 13.

All the finincial groups are OWNED, BRANDED like cattle... the mark of the beast. You can't do any real business without it.
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