Russia making real life ED-209 killer robots.

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Russia making real life ED-209 killer robots.

Postby Brandon » Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:07 pm

21:05 17/05/2013

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MOSCOW, May 17 (RIA Novosti) - Russian experts are developing robots designed to minimize casualties in terrorist attacks and neutralize terrorists, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Friday.

Robots could also help evacuate injured servicemen and civilians from the scene of a terrorist attack, said Rogozin, who oversees the defense industry.

Other antiterror equipment Russia is developing includes systems that can see terrorists through obstacles and effectively engage them in a standoff mode at a long distance without injuring their hostages, he said.

Rogozin did not say when the equipment might be deployed by Russia’s security and intelligence services.

Human Rights Watch has criticized fully autonomous weapons, known as "killer robots," which would be able to select and engage targets without human intervention and called for the preemptive prohibition on such weapons.

“Fully autonomous weapons do not exist yet, but they are being developed by several countries and precursors to fully autonomous weapons have already been deployed by high-tech militaries,” HRW said in a statement on its website. “Some experts predict that fully autonomous weapons could be operational in 20 to 30 years.”

“These weapons would be incapable of meeting international humanitarian law standards, including the rules of distinction, proportionality, and military necessity. The weapons would not be constrained by the capacity for compassion, which can provide a key check on the killing of civilians,” the human rights watchdog said. “Fully autonomous weapons also raise serious questions of accountability because it is unclear who should be held responsible for any unlawful actions they commit.”



This is not good, it does not paint a pretty picture of the future. Robots exercising extrajudicial judgement, on the fly, in real-time with no human intervention? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Real life cops can't get it right, and they are postulated to actually have functioning 'brains'. All that intelligence and training, and they still kill whatever they want, at any moment, without provocation. How on earth is it a good idea to extend this kind of killing power to unmanned robots?

At LEAST a human being has to press the kill button on the robots pictured below, completely different than what Russia is talking about, theirs may look like these but there will be no human deciding who to kill and who to spare, the robot will make those crucial decisions entirely on it's own...

Close the world, txEn eht nepO.
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