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(It did not work — she bought one for this shoot.) Occasionally Williams ditches the term “wig” for the more esoteric “unit.” This, she says, is a more appropriate word as wigmaking becomes more sophisticated. The process of making a unit is kind of like building a Honda, only more complex: Williams starts by sourcing the hair herself (always human, always “virgin,” i.e., untreated) from one of her multiple suppliers, choosing with the style in mind. Williams started wearing partial weaves during her high school dance-team years but didn’t experiment with full wigs until season four of Real Housewives. Her fascination has blossomed into an addiction: This past January 1, in honor of the New Year, Williams resolved to stop buying so many wigs.“If I want a short wig, I’ll still do long hair because I want it to be thick,” she says of her method. Then she passes the hair to her couturier of wigmakers, who, with Porsha, will select a specific shade of lace to match her skin tone (or tint it, if necessary) and painstakingly affix the hair.
When my assistant got hired, he didn’t think that half of his job would be maintaining my babies,” she says. During routine “cycles,” her assistant photographs each wig and Williams appraises them, like a drag mother. The ones that need new cuts or colors are carted off to her hairdresser. The ones that pass inspection, the perennial styles, like Carrington and Pocahontas, return to the room they share with their sisters.Does it need color? This is where that happens, at the hands of a professional, just before the lace is affixed.
It then passes to a stylist, who cuts it just so, according to the geometry of Williams’s features. After that, it goes into the wig room, where it enjoys a lifetime of spa-quality comfort in between sporadic TV appearances. The upkeep of a top-shelf unit is almost identical to caring for the hair on your head — it requires cleaning, conditioning, and styling, which in turn requires Williams to be both a television personality and a 41-headed serpent queen. Luckily for all of us, she has help.
Williams is the first to tell you that her obsession is frivolous and financially consuming. But it’s also rooted in a sense of adventure and possibility — the kind that comes from adopting a different personality on a whim. She started her business and became interested in wearing hair after her divorce, when she was experiencing an injury to her self-esteem and found that tapping into different archetypes of her personality (fierce Porsha, fun Porsha, blonde-lob Porsha) helped her fall back in love with regular Porsha.
A wig room, at the end of the day, is a needlessly opulent metaphor for both success and artifice. But it’s also a reminder that we can be whomever we want to be — a chief executive, a princess of antiquity, a blonde. The common denominator is the wearer, playing each part with gusto and having a shitload of fun. It’s nice to know you have a place to go where you get to be both yourself and someone extraordinary. It’s nicer if that place is down the hall, next to the guest bathroom.
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