Chemtrails - World-Wide Current State of Affairs

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Chemtrails - World-Wide Current State of Affairs

Postby Jimmy » Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:04 am

The HAARP technology has gone global. Now many nations can participate in modifying the weather as they see fit. They have also standardized & modularized the technology making it capable of being easily moved by ships to anywhere in the world.

HAARP Weather Manipulation & Control ... re_weapons

Geo-Engineering, What Is Happening w Billions Of People (2017-2018) - yT

The Haarp Report - yT ... LVQ/videos

X Band Mobile Weather Radar On Heavy Lift Marlin ... Marlin.jpg

SBX Sea-Based X-Band Mobile Radar Platform ... derway.jpg

ChemTrails To End Soon ???

Al Gore Was Wrong About Global Warming - yT

Nobel Laureate In Physics "Global Warming Is Pseudoscience" - yT

How can we put an end to this madness?
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