Landmark Meeting of Chemtrail Activists and Local EPA

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Landmark Meeting of Chemtrail Activists and Local EPA

Postby Brandon » Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:48 pm

by Zen Gardner – Contributing Writer
February 12th, 2011

Local Chemtrail activists in Alachua County, Florida recently took the initiative and asked for a meeting with their local EPA officials to express their concerns.

They viewed portions of “What in the World Are They Spraying” to open the meeting, and then discussed the need for more scientific data to help explain the phenomenon–to which the EPA agreed!

The local EPA head even makes the suggestion of accessing what he calls a “massive data base” of information collected country wide regarding pollution levels due to acid rain over the past 30 years! Let’s see if they deliver.

This is a terrific example of taking action locally and opening up a dialog with local officials.

There’s so much great information available we can show these people. They cite the information gathered in Shasta, California which is really powerful.

Other great offical information on California’s state-wide rise in metallic salts in water sources are thoroughly covered at http://www.californiaskywatch. com. The documented government weather mod programs and the public list of aerosol patents is also powerful.

One suggestion to is perhaps use Rosalind Peterson’s suggestion of calling them persistent contrails when speaking with officials to not set off the pre-programmed “conspiracy” reaction. Aerosols is also a great word.

Whichever, fire away!

[Follow the link to watch the video]
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