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Dibrom Mosquito Pesticide

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:16 pm
by Regg
Here's at least one county in Florida, Brevard County, using aerial spraying of pesticide to control mosquitoes. People are reporting severe allergic reactions and several dangers are listed on the linked site. I wonder how many other areas are doing this?

The following research was located from the University of Florida Medical Library regarding environmental and public health effects found to occur from exposure to the mosquito control pesticides - dibrom (naled) - permethrin - and other chemical ingredients found in dibrom which include - dichlorvos and trichlorfon. As you'll read below, the evidence clearly shows these chemicals are far more harmful than previously believed and emphasizes the critical importance for implementing immediate alternatives.

Brevard County Mosquito Control is currently using the pesticide "permethrin" in its "mosquito truck" spray program along with the use of the pesticide "dibrom" (naled) in its aerial spray program. The potential health and environmental effects outlined below strongly support the importance of finding alternatives to these pesticides as soon as possible.