Chemtrails: 3-26-09 Orange County, CA

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Chemtrails: 3-26-09 Orange County, CA

Postby celeste » Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:12 pm

Woke up to a deep, bright blue, and clear sky today (same as the past 2 days) with a clear view of Saddleback mountain and even Big Bear mountain in the distance. Usually by midday (3-4pm) you will notice some smog haze settling in for the view, the difference being slight between morning and afternoon clarity (you can make out distinct features in morning, by afternoon, you can only make out color differences, vague features, etc. at a distance).

During lunch hour, 12-1pm I would estimate (I was eating indoors and noticed the trails when leaving at 1:15 which were already dissapating) there were 5 parallel lines drawn across the sky with a single line slashed across them (kind of like a non-equal sign). This was visible in Irvine, Newport Beach, and Laguna Hills - it appeared more northerly and was most likely dispersed over Los Angeles as it was not near Santa Ana Airport, though it could have been near Long Beach.

By the time I got to a camera, the lines had feathered into a layer and spread to Saddleback Mountain. It was barely visible at this point which such a thick white haze in front of it. The most convincing and strange part, for anyone who knows a thing about clouds and atmosphere (aka if you paid attention in 7th grade science)...the haze appeared to be cirrostratus clouds, however it was surrounding and below, even engulfing the cummulus clouds that had formed at Saddleback peak. The cumulus clouds were shrinking in size as the haze spread and thickened. These two clouds do not co-exist in nature normally as they require different methods to form.

So there it is, my first chemtrail report. I wish it wasn't but it is more than obvious. I'd also like to mention that I've noticed in the past I get bloody noses when exercising on evenings when those white stripes are being put in the skies, I never knew why...not that there really is an answer now, but there is a path to look towards the light.
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Re: Chemtrails: 3-26-09 Orange County, CA

Postby Brandon » Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:28 am

Thank you for such a detailed report!! Absolutely superb descriptions. I can easily visualize what you are describing. I really don't know what is more disturbing, the fact that this is actually happening, or the fact that people don't care. That's interesting what you said about getting nose bleeds. In PA many folks discover they become lethargic and short of breath when they are outside doing anything remotely physical on the days with heavy spraying. A burning sensation in the back of the throat was also confirmed with several different individuals.

Have you ever heard of a 'chembuster'?
The most expensive part(s) would be the copper, and if this sucker doesn't work the person could always remove the piping and use it for something else. I'm going to try and make one this spring. In anycase, thanks again. That was a killer first post, I don't know if anyone is going to be able to top it!! :thumbup:

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