Will the four words of the "Devil" e

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Will the four words of the "Devil" e

Postby ylq » Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:56 am

    Will the four words of the "Devil" event make you feel scared? What is the s a "Devil" incident coming at 8:50 on July 19, 2010 in Shenyang Agricultural Music City. There are a group of children who are going to school. They chat while crossing the road. They are very happy and forget to observe the surroundings. Suddenly, a truck rushed to them, and the group of happy children still didn't notice, still chatting, until the truck was 4 meters away from them Marlboro Cigarettes Price. One of the children was particularly scared and pushed others. The child being pushed was pressed against another child Carton Of Cigarettes, one pressed against one and kneeled on the ground Cheap Cigarettes, leaving only the child who pushed others without lying on the ground. The truck rushed in and pushed over to the children. He also rushed to the other child's hand, the child's hand was hit by the car's mirror, and he was thrown aside by the truck. The people present dial 120 and take them to the hospital. Unexpectedly, 6 dead and injured. The reporter went to interview the living child and asked: "Why are you pushing others?"I, I am so scared. I accidentally pushed him down. Who knows that he is pressing on others again..." The children said with tears.ed: Be careful when crossing the road, don't look around, make trouble, talk, concentrate, and be optimistic about traffic lights.ell, youther "Devil" incident came and occurred in Yujin Road, Zhejiang. It was a car that collided with a bus. The reason for the collision was that the car was turning, the bus was running red light, colliding with the car, causing a slight explosion of the car, the bus was destroyed, and there was no car inside Marlboro Cigarettes. One survived. The 190 fire brigade came to the fire. After the fire was extinguished, it was found that there were only a few piles of burnt bones in the car. The bus in the bus seat on the blood... After investigation, it was found that the driver of the car as a sad night. I was walking on an unmanned road. I was walking in the middle. A motorcycle was crazy and not far from the front Newport Cigarettes. I saw it and immediately ran up the sidewalk, but I didn��t have time. My hand was hit by the mirror of the motorcycle and made a "beep". The more I moved, the more painful I felt. In the end, I couldn��t help myself, and I fell to the ground. I didn't hear it until e "Devil" incident is everywhere, maybe someday will come to you, and I will tell you the secret to prevent the "Devil" from infringing:
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