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Buy Township Cash At Mmocs Safe And Cheap

Postby mmocs » Sun Jun 24, 2018 7:58 pm

Township Cash For Sale The Galloway Township Environmental Commission has received a $1,500 grant from ANJEC the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions. This grant will be used to put together an awareness campaign of the top ten invasive plant species in Galloway Township. Through print video social media and direct involvement with residents business owners service groups and students this program will seek to raise interest in avoiding and eradicating invasive plants and in creating native natural landscapes and habitats.

This project will provide a platform for the Environmental Commission to help make Galloway Township a healthier place to live work and enjoy the natural surroundings. Invasive plants choke out native species and therefore lead to habitat depletion for indigenous wildlife. With the various educational outreach components of this project residents will be more aware of the benefits of native plants versus the problems caused by invasive species. There will also be an “Invasive Species Detective Unit” database component to locate and help manage occurrences of invasive species in the Township. This project will be ongoing; the grant funding will only be used to acquire the tools to create it. The educational components (brochures and video) can be replicated for use in other towns.

Some of the partners who will work on this project are: members of the Galloway Township Environmental Commission members of Go Green Buy Township CashGalloway Certified Wildlife Biologist Eric Schrading Jason Howell of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and representatives from the Southeast Chapter of the New Jersey Native Plant Society.
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