Busting 4 myths about the Kansas City Chiefs defense

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Busting 4 myths about the Kansas City Chiefs defense

Postby reuben » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:57 pm

Sometimes you hear something that youe not sure is true, and you just shrug and move on with your life. At least, that what you do if youe a healthy human being. If youe not, you obsessively research until youe dug into the truth of the matter. Unfortunately for me , I fall into the latter camp.There a lot of talk about the defense right now, and deservedly so. After all, the pass defense looked quite poor against the Raiders merely a week after the run defense looked like a sieve against the Steelers. That... less than ideal. The Chiefs hung 30 on the Raiders but it wasn enough to win, and the defense wasn able to stop the Raiders from traveling 80 yards in under two minutes and scoring the game winning touchdown on Thursday.When stuff like that happens, people are going to talk Derrick Thomas Jersey. And that what has happened. A lot of talk about the defense against Oakland has been based around a few key pointsBob Sutton put Justin Houston in coverage way too much, and it killing the defense.The defense constantly rushing three and dropping eight resulted in no pressure on the quarterback.Even when the defense rushed four or more, they weren able to get pressure and allowed Carr all day to dice them up Charcandrick West Jersey.Bob Sutton is the major problem as the defensive coordinator.These narratives were interesting to me, and I quite frankly agreed with all of them after watching the game live. Of course, years of experience as to my own inability to adequately diagnose the game live has made me skeptical of my own instant reactions to any game. So I felt like it was time to take a look at these narratives to see if they are true.Ie already discussed these issues on the Chiefs in the North podcast, and you can find that episode here.But for those of you who aren podcast listeners, I thought it only appropriate to lay out what I found here as well. Because it too important to let bad information get disseminated without at least trying to put forth a little reality. Number 1 Bob Sutton put Justin Houston in coverage way too much C.J. Spiller Jersey, and it killing the defense.Wee going to start with a half-truth. Because on one hand, it IS true that Houston spends too much time in coverage. As recently as last week it was discussed that Houston has been in coverage on a quarter of the Chiefs’ snaps against the pass this season. Compared to guys like Khalil Mack or Von Miller, who are in coverage maybe 5 of the time or so, it becomes clear that Sutton isn using Houston to rush enough.However, this narrative has started to take on a life of its own. I have people telling me that Houston is in coverage half the time or more, and that simply not true. Against Oakland, Houston dropped into coverage 11 times in about 55 dropbacks. Now, is 20 percent still too much? Yes, I think so. But it not half. It not close to half. It not close to close to half. Additionally, you need to know that it WASN’T Houston snaps in coverage that killed the defense. In fact, the only touchdown of the night given up when Houston was in coverage was the two yard throw at the end of the game, where they rolled away from Houston side and he wasn a factor in the play regardless. Not one of the Raiders “big” plays was when Justin Houston was in coverage. In fact, on the 11 plays, only 2 of them went for more than 10 yards. On five of them, the result was an incomplete pass.In short, while it true that Houston is dropping into coverage more than he should the idea that that what hurt the defense against Oakland is patently false.Number 2 The defense was constantly rushing three against Oakland, which resulted in too little pressure and the defense hurting.This one is just flat-out wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The Chiefs dropped eight into coverage a TOTAL of six times against the Raiders. That it. Six times.Guess how many of those times were one of Oakland big plays? If you guessed none, you be right. The Chiefs gave up a total of 24 yards on those plays where they rushed three and dropped eight into coverage.The really funny thing here is that I was CERTAIN I would find quite a few plays because I felt like a noticed quite a few on initial viewing https://www.chiefsfullapparel.com/Chiefs_Reggie_Ragland_Jersey. The lesson, as always, is twofold never trust your broadcast viewing, and I an idiot.Number 3 Even when the defense rushed four or more, they weren able to get pressure and allowed Carr all day to dice them up.This is another narrative I had no problem believing, because I felt like I watched Carr have tons of time on multiple snaps. Then I turned on the tape, and I found a very different story. Wee going to let Justin Houston demonstrate what the actual issue was on multiple snapsA lot of you have asked about Houston.
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