Chemtrails in Spokane WA

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Chemtrails in Spokane WA

Postby weareallone » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:43 am

I have been noticing chem trails for so long, but today makes me incredibly angry. I counted at least 10 in the sky. its getting out of hand, and most people keep thinking that theyre contrails. CONTRAILS DISSIPATE BUT CHEMICALS DONT. We have had a fucking weird year with snow and cold rainy weather up until middle of may, then all of a sudden it got to be 80 and 90 degrees. "Randomly". No, its because theyre modifying our weather and spraying chemicals into the air. Idaho admitted to spraying chemicals to modify the weather, yet people aren't outraged about it because it was quietly disclosed. Those trails are coming from Idaho and I know theyre doing it illegally. Only time will tell because people here are still asleep to the dark that is controlling our every move. :think:
God is with us, please give the people strength to stop spraying and hurting humans.
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